New Lotus Emira


Pronounced ‘Eh-meer-ah’, the word features in numerous ancient languages and often translates as ‘commander’ or ‘leader’. Influenced by the Evija electric hypercar, the all-new Emira has a stunning contemporary look with sculpted surfaces and sharp feature lines. The new Lotus Emira adds all-new exotic looks and features to the sports car category. Efficient aerodynamics have been at the heart of every Lotus since the very beginning. Emira is no exception. Intelligent engineering means it is the only car in its class to generate significant downforce, generating outstanding performance and exceptional grip at all speeds.


The Lotus Emira was designed to have a contemporary look with bold surfaces and technical detailing, delivering exotic supercar appeal in the sports car segment. A new and more premium approach for Lotus in terms of forms and materials. Something Lotus was eager to leap forward and break out all the bells and whistles. Discover one-of-a-kind vertical all-LED headlamps are standard across the range, with a wing-inspired twin blade design also not new to the Lotus hypercar. The bonnet houses the current iteration of the iconic Lotus roundel, its first appearance on a new Lotus sports car and slightly larger than on previous models. At the rear, the Lotus logo dominates the integrated bumper, above a body-coloured panel. At each end of the Lotus Emira is an exit vent for air from the wheel arch. Each corner has a flat C-shaped LED light cluster linked by a slimline high-level brake light. Below is a black section housing twin exhaust pipes on either side of the number plate and with an air diffuser underneath to aid downforce. Efficient aerodynamics has been at the heart of the Lotus brand since the company was founded in 1948. Lotus has learned that this feature will guarantee to deliver outstanding performance whether racing or exploring the open roads. The new Lotus Emira is meant to be simple while still be a showstopper.


The Lotus Emira will offer two powertrains built to deliver intense performance and extreme thrills. This includes the much-loved and characterful 3.5-litre supercharged V6 and the world’s most powerful production 4 cylinder engine developed in conjunction with AMG and tuned to deliver a heart-racing 360hp. The new Lotus Emira has the latest and greatest technology. Smart design and technology will deliver enhanced stability, incredible road handling and the sensation of a very low centre of gravity. That’s not all, Lotus installed a powerful AMG turbocharged 4-cylinder engine unit that excites anyone behind the wheel. This is a car that demands to be driven. What are you waiting for?

New Lotus Emira